Weekly horoscope aquarius 14 february 2020

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Tuesday 16th sees you spreading love and being there for a friend who needs you. The Pisces listening gift is vital. Somebody exotic has added appeal, especially when they have stories to tell and things to teach. Residual relationship business needs to be squared away, so prepare for someone to stage an unexpected return. Chase up your ambitions from the recent past and you get things right this time. Not like you to take a backward step, but this is where success lies. Mars, your fiery ruler, gives you extra energy when you add patience to your repertoire.

Wednesday 17th is your stand-out day, when your leadership qualities come to the front. Listen to your instincts and people follow. You have an unexpected sympathetic side too, though you like to keep it private. Time away from the herd with a well-chosen friend takes you places and you can test the ground before going public with the affair. A sociable feeling surrounds you and introductions come from all sides. New friends open doors for you and it pays to hang out in the best company. Be ambitious, you have what is takes to be at the top table. Venus, your ruler, takes up a sublime position and you act by a kind of inspired gut feel.

People find you sensitive and charming, but you just follow your nose. A domestic upheaval is more involved than you realize, but the upheaval is worth it. A step back to take two forwards hits the spot at home. Career breaks take you to new places, though good fortune comes in subtle packages.

Libra (September 22 - October 23)

A cavalier approach to success comes from knowing you have the right stuff, but beware of seeming cocky. Jupiter, planet of good fortune, sees opportunity fall into your lap, and works all the better when you ground it. Mighty oaks come from small acorns. Monday 22nd is a diamond day, when you mind and feelings are in perfect tune. Use your persuasive charm to the fullest and people are happy to follow.

You have winning way as velvety Venus moves into line on Friday 12th. An effective combination. Pluto, planet of rebirth, brings up issues from the past and there are ghosts to lay.

Aquarius Horoscope - Get Your Predictions Now! | uciwiwupuq.tk

They might work at an atmosphere full of pressure and competitions. However, at the crucial point, there are always influential people offering help to them.

Life Meter

They are advised to live an economical life and do exercise regularly. Try to drink less alcohol and stay away from humid and dark places. In , people with Chinese zodiac Rat will experience a lot of things, and it is exactly the timing for Rats to make a change in their life.

They need to pay attention to both their career and love although they may feel tired sometimes. Troublesome problems can be solved if they can adjust their attitude well. In the latter half of the year, the fortune will be better than in the first half and things will be easier to be handled.

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The following are luck prediction by month. Personality of the Rat. Best Jobs and Working Partners. Love Compatibility. Answers App. Rat Luck Prediction by Month Luck Prediction by Month Im born 10 july I've successfully sold my present house and will be moving to a new home and location by Feb Comments: February Horoscope Aquarius. Jonny My nick name is jonny five Shauna This info is every thing about me for real. Ellie This is so me! Sanskar So true is is deadly accurate. At one point i was actually awestruck to how correct this was.

Phoebe Yooo that's me exactly oil my God.

Allie This is so true! Like, totally me. Soshan Fernando Well, it is true and I am just Peyton This is right wow.

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Leslie Exposure on point. Usman Asghar I am happy to be born on this day.. Alhamdulillah this is quite accurate about my personality.. Almost Valerie Nailed it. Judy True.. Nikita This is so accurate. V this is so me.

Astrology Calendar in 2020

Love is Life This is extremely accurate. Well most of it. Aquarian spot on!! Alex Lol, this is really accurate I just ain't really sure about the problem solving part tho. S This is like the opposite of me. Funny how far off these can be. Opessque Wow this is shockingly accurate.


That definately explains a lot! People dont seem to get the random hostile temperament and really dark sense of humor but now I know its not just me. Thanks for posting this! Kirsten sanders I like this. I'm 13 but it does describe me. Akash I like it. Valentine Aquarian that is how the cookies crumble you forgot to mention one thing though the are always pulled between two feelings life torn between two directions lol. Your name:. At one point i was actually awestruck to how correct this was [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Phoebe Yooo that's me exactly oil my God [Reply] [Cancel reply].

Peyton This is right wow [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Leslie Exposure on point [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Nancy [Reply] [Cancel reply].