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In period from 19 May to 21 June will again be quite good period for you in which you can get better returns on past investments made by you.

Afterwards, period from 22 Jun to 11 Sep will be quite tougher period in relation to investment matters for you. From 13 Sep to 29 Sep will be quite good period for your investment and financial gains to you.

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In period from 30 Sep to 5 Dec , again period is not brighter for investments area but in period from 6 Dec to 25 Dec , again period will be brighter for your investment returns. As far as child matters are concerned, these periods will be good for child related happiness and that are: to.

In this above mentioned periods , you might get child happiness in terms of their studies or in relation to job matters or to any other area of life but in rest of periods , you had to devote more time such that happiness do not get affected in relation to your child. As far as initial education matters are concerned, period till 13 Feb , there will be slowness, obstructions and distraction in education matters but improvement in studies will be reflected in period from 14 Feb to 14 April In period from 15 Apr to 15 May , some of you might go overseas for studies but in this period, there will be ample need to put in more efforts in studies such that results can be better for you.

In period from 16 May to 15 June , again period will be quite brighter to get better success in exams and studies for you, however in period from 16 Jun to 17 Jul will put pressures in your studies for you. Frustration and aggression might be more in you which will obstruct studies matters for you and thus in this period, better concentration and study with calmer mind is needed from your end for better success. In period from 18 Jul to 17 Aug , travelling in relation to studies will be on the cards for few of you.

In period from 18 Aug to 18 Oct will be quite good period for your studies in which better news in relation to studies is expected. In period from 19 Oct to 17 Nov , again period will put pressures in your studies and better results will come only through your hard work and better concentration in studies for you.

As far as higher education is concerned, these periods will be good in relation to higher studies and that are: to. In this period, you can get admission in colleges or can score better in exams but in rest of the periods, proper concentration will be required in order to go higher in higher studies. As far as health matters are concerned , there is need to take care of your health in following periods and that are : to.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

In this period, there is need to look upon your health by proper diet and especially for those who are suffering from urine, kidney problems else whole year will be quite good as far as health matters are concerned. As far as marital life is concerned , this year there will be need to maintain better relations such that problems or un to necessary stress and tensions do not pops up in marital life as pressures in marital life might be there which can be reduced by proper communication , giving time to marital life and fulfilling marital commitments.

Further, there is need that due to money matters, problems do not come in marital life. Overall, whole year will the year where you had to avoid all kind of things that can give pressures to you in your marital life.

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  • For those who are unmarried, these periods might bring in marital proposals for you and that are:. As far as career matters are concerned, this whole year will be full of pressures as 10th house lord Saturn is posited in 8th house which is the house of obstructions, problems and frustration.

    Your Taurus Zodiac Sign

    Further , Saturn is the planet that do not give results so easily and thus in order to go higher in professional life , there will be ample need from your end to remain dedicated , sincere and committed to your work else problems will further increase from 8 Mar for you. If you are planning to make an investment in property, you are advised to Taurus Zodiac In Relations. As a Father : The Taurus or vrishabha father are strong images at home for being stubborn and deeply attached with primitive values and perceptions which they would wish his younger generation As a Mother : The Taurus mother would be highly protective towards her children as till the extent of being possessive Lucky About Taurus or Vrishabh.

    Here is a description of lucky things of Taurus. Taurus Zodiac Sign Facts. Taurus Characteristics. Positive Devoted to family Love for nature Devoted nurturers. Negative Obstinate Much reserved Lack adaptability. Read More..

    Taurus career | career for Taurus | vrishabha business | job

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    Sun in Taurus in Astrology (Taurus Horoscope personality revealed)

    Taurus Astrology Compatibility. Taurus-Taurus Taurus is quite a stable sign.

    Taurus Horoscope 2020

    Taurus people are calm and placid. They don't.

    Taurus-Aries Both have different approaches in case of doing anything. Aries will jump.

    Taurus Yearly Horoscope for 2020

    Taurus-Gemini There will be some completely opposite qualities in this couple. Taurus will prefer to. Taurus-Cancer Cancer's love for his family is much appreciated by Taurus which is quite unlikely. Taurus-Leo Both have some common point such as the determination. Leo will not easily. Some of you may be able to amalgamate your joyful activities with your job, says Taurus in This year, the concurrence of ketu, Saturn and Jupiter in the Sagittarius sign will take place in the 8th House, informs Ganesha.

    This will create a drastic change in your personal as well as professional life in a positive direction according to the Taurus horoscope. This blend of the planets will have a very optimistic influence on you as you can expect a lot of surprises, sudden financial profit and bundles of great opportunities. This is not the end, as you may also find meaning in new relationships with people around you, build a good intuitive mind and acquire wealth like never before. You will also indulge in property dealings which will yield you good benefits, as far as your wealth is concerned.

    Taurus Horoscope 12222

    So, with such strong Taurus predictions, this year will bring a lot more opportunities, freedom and joy to you and your family. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India.