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Arethusa , one of the seven Hesperides , nymph daughters of the Titans Atlas and Hesperis. Aegle , one of the seven Hesperides , nymph daughters of the Titans Atlas and Hesperis. Ianthe , a girl who married Iphis after Isis turned Iphis from a woman into a man. Alternatively, she was an Oceanid from Greek mythology, one of the many daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys.

Dike , minor Greek goddess of human justice and the spirit of moral order, daughter of Zeus and Themis. Hecate , Greek goddess The name "Hecate" also sounds like Greek hekaton meaning "one hundred. Helen of Troy , the most beautiful woman in the world in Greek mythology. Hera , Greek goddess of marriage, childbirth, and family.

She is the daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea , and sister and wife of Zeus. One of various Greek figures named Clymene. Artemis , Greek goddess of the hunt, forests, and the Moon. She was the daughter of Zeus by Leto and twin sister of Apollo. Her Roman equivalent is Diana. She was one of the wives of Zeus and mother of Aphrodite , the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. Camilla , queen of the Volsci from Roman mythology.

Less likely, the name refers to French astronomer Camille Flammarion — Felicitas , goddess of happiness in Roman mythology. She is often portrayed holding a caduceus staff and a cornucopia horn of plenty. She is the daughter of Zeus or of Eris. Amalthea , mythological Greek nursemaid. Thyra , wife of King Gorm of Denmark.

Misspelling of Lamia queen of Lybia, lover of Zeus. Althaea , Greek mother of Meleager. Hermione , mythological Greek princess. Also possibly Joan of Arc. Veleda , Germanic priestess, leader of Batavian uprising against the Romans. Joan of Arc — , saint and heroine of France. Nemesis , Greek goddess. Aethra , Greek mother of Theseus. Nerthus Hertha , Norse goddess, also see Nerthus. Latin for Toulouse, France. Chinese for 'Star of China's Fortune'. Siwa , Slavic goddess. Pula , city now in Croatia. Lucina , Roman goddess.

Medusa , mythological Greek monster. Daughter of Austrian astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer — Xanthippe , wife of Socrates. Coronis , various Greek figures. Joseph Jean Pierre Laurent died , French amateur astronomer. Erigone , various Greek figures. The Lorelei , character in German folklore. Queen Rhodope , Greek mythology. Urd , Norse Norn.

Niece of French astronomer Camille Flammarion — Maria, sister of Italian astronomer Antonio Abetti — Ophelia , character in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Baucis , Greek mythological woman. Ino , mythological Greek woman. Phaedra , Greek mythological woman. Andromache , Trojan wife of Hector. Ydun , a club that hosted an astronomical conference in Stockholm , Sweden the club was probably named after Iduna , a Norse goddess.

Elsbeth — the Austrian variant of "Elisabeth" a common female first name — and only later changed into a more lyrical "Elsa" with the consent of the discoverer, Johann Palisa. It may also refer to the Empress Elisabeth of Austria — , or other person or characters. Eunice Eunike , a Nereid sea nymph from Greek mythology, one of the 50 daughters of Nereus and Doris , whose name means "happy victory".

It was chosen to commemorate the Treaty of San Stefano , which was signed two days after the discovery of this asteroid by C. Peters in March Johann Heinrich Lambert — , Swiss polymath. Menippe , Greek daughter of Orion. Ismene , Greek daughter of Oedipus. Procne , sister of Philomela in Greek mythology. Eurycleia , Greek nurse of Odysseus. Philomela , sister of Procne in Greek mythology. Arete , Greek mother of Nausicaa. Ampelos , Greek friend of Dionysus.

Dynamene , a Nereid sea nymph from Greek mythology, one of the 50 daughters of Nereus and Doris. Penelope , Greek wife of Odysseus. Martha , woman in the New Testament. Hersilia , Roman wife of Romulus. Our Lady of Sorrows , a title referring to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Dido , mythological Carthaginian queen. Unknown origin of name. Isolde , heroine of the legend of Tristan and Iseult. Astarte Aschera, Astoreth , Sidonian and Phoenician goddess of love and fertility, also see Eudora , Greek Hyad.

Bianca Bianchi, stage name of the German opera singer Bertha Schwarz — Thusnelda , wife of Germanic warrior Arminius. Henrietta, wife of French astronomer Pierre Janssen — Agathe, daughter of Austrian astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer — Athamantis , Greek daughter of Athamas. Caroline Island , now part of Kiribati. Coelestine, wife of Austrian astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer — Vanadis , Norse goddess.

Kriemhild , mythological Germanic princess. Sita , Hindu wife of Rama. The asteroid's name was suggested by the wife of the discoverer, N. Pogson — Asporina , goddess worshipped in Asia Minor. Eukrate, a Nereid sea nymph from Greek mythology, one of the 50 daughters of Nereus and Doris. Lamia , lover of Zeus. Ilse , legendary German princess. The discoverer, Johann Palisa , reportedly sold the naming rights for 50 pounds in order to help fund his expedition to observe the total solar eclipse of August 29, Sophia, wife of German astronomer Hugo von Seeliger — The asteroid was named by its discoverer, Henri Joseph Anastase Perrotin — Mathilde, wife of French astronomer Maurice Loewy — Auguste von Littrow — , author, and champion of women's rights; wife of Austrian astronomer Carl Ludwig von Littrow.

Opava , now Czech Republic. The asteroid's name was proposed by the Baroness Bettina Caroline de Rothschild, see Libussa , legendary founder of Prague. Character in books by Alphonse de Lamartine — Thule , mythical northern land usually identified with Scandinavia. Caroline Herschel — , German astronomer. Clorinda , heroine of Torquato Tasso 's poem Jerusalem Delivered. Heroine of French astronomer Camille Flammarion 's novel Uranie.

Glauke , Greek daughter of Creon. Brno , now Czech Republic. Thor , god of thunder, weather and storms in Norse mythology. Discoverer Elia Millosevich simply stated "in homage to a person dear to me". Olga, niece of German astronomer Friedrich Wilhelm Argelander — James Gordon Bennett Jr. Book by Italian astronomer Angelo Secchi — ; also named for the unity of Italy. Nike , Greek goddess, and also Nice , France. Polyxo , Greek Hyad. Latin for fraternity.

Asteroid Files: Eurydike

Chaldea , Babylonian nation. Roxana c. Mother of discoverer Johann Palisa — Florentine, daughter of the discoverer, Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa. Phaeo , Greek Hyad. Catherine Wolfe Bruce — , American patron of astronomy. Tamar of Georgia c. Christopher Columbus — , an Italian explorer, navigator, who initiated the permanent European colonization of the Americas. Gudrun , Norse wife of Sigurd. Adalbert Merx — , German Protestant theologian and orientalist; father-in-law of the discoverer, Max Wolf. Baden , region of Germany. Chicago , United States.

Dorothea Klumpke — , American astronomer. Heinrich Eduard von Lade — , German banker and amateur astronomer. Ercole Dembowski — , Italian astronomer. Antoinette Horneman from Scheveningen , daughter of a Dutch mariner. Unknown origin of name ; it may refer to Yrsa , queen in Norse mythology. Gisela Wolf, wife of the discoverer, Max Wolf — Ruprecht Karls University of Heidelberg. Gabrielle Flammarion — , French astronomer. Apollonia , Ancient Greek colony in Illyria. Vincenzo Cerulli — , Italian astronomer. Air , one of the four classical elements.

Bohemia , region of Czech Republic. Probably Melusine , mythological French mermaid, associated with the origins of the Lusignan dynasty. Alma River on the Crimean peninsula. Unknown origin of name ; it may refer to Ingeborg from Norse mythology. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands — Ducros, French mechanician at Nice Observatory. Ottilia, character in German folklore. Chloe , shepherdess from Greek mythology. Theia , one of the twelve Titans from Greek mythology. Erna Bidschof, granddaughter of Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa — Aspasia c. Xanthe, an Oceanid sea nymph from Greek mythology.

The numerous Oceanids are the daughters of Oceanus and Tethys Titans. Elise Wolf — , mother of the discoverer Max Wolf. Liriope , mother of Narcissus from Greek mythology. The Electorate of the Palatinate , region of Germany. Suevia, a fraternity of Heidelberg University. Alemannia, a fraternity of Heidelberg University. Diotima of Mantinea , Greek teacher of Socrates. Cornelia Africana , daughter of Scipio Africanus. Hippo Regius , now Annaba , ancient town in Algeria. Galene, a Nereid sea nymph from Greek mythology, one of the 50 daughters of Nereus and Doris. Lotis , a nymph in Greek mythology.

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Zeuxo , an Oceanid in Greek mythology. Theodora, daughter of Julius F. Stone, benefactor and time trustee of the Ohio State University. The region of Eichsfeld , located in Lower Saxony, Germany. Photography , the method first used by Max Wolf — to discover asteroids. Gyptis, wife of Protis, founder of Marseille , France. Edna, wife of Julius F. Valentine, daughter of Baron Albert von Rothschild — , benefactor.

Mount Hamilton , California. Greek for the act of learning , chosen to mark the th anniversary of the Mathematische Gesellschaft in Hamburg founded in Allegheny Observatory , Pennsylvania, United States. Signy , sister of Sigmund in Norse mythology.

Similar Royalty-free Vectors:

Saskia van Uylenburgh — , wife of Rembrandt. Megaira , one of the Greek Erinyes Furies. Alecto , one of the Greek Erinyes Furies. Tisiphone , one of the Greek Erinyes Furies. Alternatively, it may have been named after the character in Sonnets to Laura by Petrarch — Lina, a maidservant of the discoverer Max Wolf — Papagena , a character in Mozart 's opera The Magic Flute. Nolli is a nickname for a small child used in Max Wolf 's family discoverer. Prudentia , Roman allegorical figure. Ocllo , Inca queen, named after the wife of one of the four sons of Pirua Wiracocha, creator god of civilization in Inca mythology.

Caprera , island in Sardinia , Italy. The Hanseatic League , a medieval confederation of merchant guilds and market towns in Northwestern and Central Europe. Sepp, name of one of the discoverer's dogs Max Wolf. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , United States. Latin name for the city of Genova , in Liguria, Italy. The Italian Veneto region with its capital Venice. Comacina , island in Lake Como , Italy. Gismonda , a figure in The Decameron , a collection of novellas by Italian Giovanni Boccaccio — She is the daughter of Tancred, prince of Salerno.

The grandmother of the discoverer's wife Max Wolf. Iva Shores, daughter of the discoverer's landlord Raymond Smith Dugan. Venusia, an alternative name for the Swedish island of Hven. The name may originate from Arthurian legend, where Sigune is the cousin of Parzival. Cora, from Inca mythology. She is the wife of one of the four sons of Pirua Wiracocha, creator god of Inca civilization. Also see Laodice from Greek mythology. She is the daughter of Hecuba and Trojan king Priam. Mabel Loomis Todd — , American editor and writer. She is the daughter of the mathematician Elias Loomis , and the wife of astronomer David Peck Todd see next entry.

The city of Turin in northern Italy. Its Latin name is Taurinum.

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Centesima, for the th discovery of an asteroid made by Max Wolf — Armida , fictional character in the epic poem Jerusalem Delivered by Italian baroque poet Torquato Tasso — The story of Armida and Rinaldo has also been the basis of several the operas including Armide by German bohemian Christoph Willibald Gluck — , also see Athalia , Biblical queen of Judah 2 Kings ix.

From "sylvan" forest, wood , for the discoverer's Raymond Smith Dugan passion of tramping through the forests since he was a small boy. The Italian city of Brescia Brixia in Latin , birthplace of astronomer Emilio Bianchi, who computed the asteroid's orbit. Lassen, orbit computer"; see AN , Note that computer does not refer to a personal computer , i. Leonora's pseudonym in Beethoven 's only opera Fidelio. Metcalf discovery. Jena , Germany , on the occasion of a meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft there in see AN , Rezia , a character in the opera Oberon by Carl Maria von Weber — Character in Cervantes ' short story La Gitanilla.

Turandot , character in the opera Turandot by Giacomo Puccini — Zerlina , character in the opera Don Giovanni by Mozart — Feminine form of Hercules , Roman demigod [H] simply says "named by Prof. Sara, a friend of the discoverer Raymond Smith Dugan — Mount Merapi on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, site of several expeditions to observe the solar eclipse of 17 May Max Pauly, German businessman manager of a sugar factory and amateur optician whom Ernst Abbe appointed as head of the newly established Astronomy Division of Zeiss to design and produce telescope lenses; he ground the inch lens of the Bruce double-astrograph , the "jewel" of the Heidelberg Observatory.

Pamina , a character in the opera The Magic Flute by Mozart — Deborah , Biblical prophetess who helped to free the Israelites. She is mentioned in the Book of Judges. Jetta, a legendary German soothsayer. Messalina c. Herodias c. She was a consort of Herod Antipas , the 1st-century ruler of Galilee and Perea.

In the Gospels, Herodias plays a major role in the execution of John the Baptist. Cressida , Trojan princess, character of Shakespeare 's play Troilus and Cressida based on the medieval legend of Troy, as opposed to the classical. Jessonda , a character in the opera Jessonda by German composer Louis Spohr — Ortrud , a character in the opera Lohengrin by Richard Wagner , where she is the wife of Ferederick of Telramund.

Kundry , a character in the opera Parsifal by Richard Wagner , who is both sorceress and mortal woman. The opera is based on the epic by Wolfram von Eschenbach. The village of Vigonza Peraga in northern Italy, where the family of astronomer G. Abetti, who computed the asteroid's orbit, owned country villa. The main character in the opera Norma by Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini — Phyllis , from Greek mythology.

The Thracian princess commits suicide when she realizes that her husband, king Demophon of Athens , will not return to her. Violetta , the frivolous woman and leading character in the opera La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi. The main character in the opera Carmen by Frech composer Georges Bizet — Ingwelde , opera by Max von Schillings?

Suleika , character in the philosophical novel Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche — The town of Marbach in Hesse, Germany.

The Blink comparator , formerly known as "stereo-comparator", is an apparatus used to find differences between two photographs of the night sky by rapidly "blinking" back and forth between the two. In , this asteroid was the first to be discovered by this method using photographic plates taken in The asteroid was named by the inventor of the Blink comparator, Carl Pulfrich — Eleutheria , the goddess of liberty in Greek mythology. The counterpart of Eleutheria among the Roman gods is Libertas. Cheruskia , student fraternity at Heidelberg University , named in turn after the Cherusci , an early German tribe.

Misa, from Greek mythology. She is the mother of Dionysus Bacchus and a divinity in Orphism , a mystic religion from the ancient Greek and Hellenistic world. Kythira , Greek island First name in a long list published in Dulcinea , a character in the novel Don Quixote by Spanish writer Cervantes — Rebekka, a "bourgeois daughter" from Heidelberg, Germany. The name may be inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation which contains the letters "RC". The choice for the German feminine first name may have been inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "RD".

Unknown origin of name ; the name may be inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "RE". Rhea , from Greek mythology. She is a Titan of the first generation and known as "the mother of gods". The name may be inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "RH". Carl Happel — , a German painter and benefactor of the Heidelberg Observatory , where the Happel Laboratory is named after him. Sidonia , character in the epic poem Jerusalem Delivered by Italian baroque poet Torquato Tasso — The character has also been adopted in the opera Armide by German bohemian Christoph Willibald Gluck — , which is based on the poem.

The name Sidonia may be inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "SD". Klotilde, daughter of Austrian astronomer Edmund Weiss — , director of the Vienna Observatory where this asteroid was discovered by Johann Palisa. In the Qur'an , she is known as "Bilqis", "Balqis" or "Balkis".

Thecla born 30 AD , a saint of the early Christian Church. Hypsipyle , mythological Greek queen of Lemnos, mother of twins by Jason. Tomyris , Scythian Queen of the Massagetae.

ASTEROIDS - THE FIRST - larrygerstman

Irmgard is a common feminine first name in German. Bathsheba , wife of Urias , mother of Solomon. Titania , folkloric queen of the fairies name inspired by the provisionla designation letters: T i t ania. Polyxena , from Greek mythology. The Trojan princess is the daughter of Priam and Hecuba. An English student at the University of Heidelberg , a friend of the discoverer. Spring of Bandusia , a fountain near Polezzo in Italy.

Claudia Octavia c. The Muses , the nine inspirational goddesses of poetry, science, and the arts in Greek mythology. Timandra , mythological Greek woman, sister of Helen of Troy , mother of Evander. Tecmessa , mythological Greek woman, daughter of the Phrygian prince Teubrantes, captive of Ajax , by whom she had a son, Eurysaces. She is a maid servant of Isolda. Jenny Adolfine Kessler, friend of the discoverer August Kopff , on the occasion of her engagement also see next entry. Jenny Adolfine Kessler, friend of the discoverer August Kopff , on the occasion of her engagement also see previous entry.

Fulvia c. The choice for this name may have been inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "VK". The choice for this name may have been inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "VL". The choice for this name may have been inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "VN".

Guinevere , wife of King Arthur from Arthurian legend possibly. Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim c. Elly Boehm, wife of German mathematician Karl Boehm —; bio-de. Patroclus , warrior from Greek mythology, close friend of Achilles and killed by Hector. The town of Triberg im Schwarzwald , southern Germany. Drake University , Iowa, US, where the orbit computers worked. Verdandi , one of the Norns in Norse mythology. Mount Chimaera of Lycia, inspiration for the Chimera , mythological Greek monster.

The choice for this name may have been inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "XN". Saint Notburga c. Charis , one of the Charites Graces , the goddesses of charm, beauty, creativity, and fertility in Greek mythology. Saint Euphemia died AD , whose feast day is September The name also means a good omen. Philipp Kessler, friend of the discoverer, on the occasion of his engagement.

He is a friend of the astronomer August Kopff who discovered this asteroid see also Pyrrha , wife of Deukalion, Greek mythological woman. The choice for this name may have been inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "ZM". Ute Kessler, on the occasion of her engagement. She is a friend of the astronomer August Kopff who discovered this asteroid see also Wilhelm Wundt — , German psychologist.

Chrysothemis , mythological daughter of Agamemnon , character in Sophocles ' Electra. Prinzessin Brambilla , novel written by E. Hoffmann — , and set to music by Walter Braunfels — Clara, one of the discoverer's housekeepers Max Wolf. Scheherazade , legendary Arabic storyteller in Nights. Former was the wife of general Germanicus and mother of Emperor Caligula , while the latter was the mother of Emperor Nero.

Castalia , Greek nymph whom Apollo transformed into a fountain at Delphi , at the base of Mount Parnassos. A feminine first name in German. Amalasuntha , Ostrogoth queen, daughter of Theoderich. Anticlea , from Greek mythology. She is the wife of Laertes and mother of Odysseus. The year jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria , during which this minor planet was discovered. Berenice II of Egypt c. Zelinda Dini, sister of Italian mathematician Ulisse Dini — The name was proposed by astronomer Elia Millosevich , a good friend of Dini.

HMS Beagle , Darwin 's ship. Gunnlod , mythological Norse giantess. Asteria , various Greek figures. Nestor , mythological Greek king. Heroine of a German legend, a variant of the Genevieve of Brabant medieval story, found in the Historie von der geduldigen Konigin Crescentia , itself based on a 12th-century poem in the Kaiserchronik. Biblical heroine dramatised in Friedrich Hebbel 's play Judith.

Desdemona , character in Shakespeare's Othello. The name may have been inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "DM". The choice for this name may have been inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "DN". Dora, a friend of the wife of astronomer August Kopff , who discovered this asteroid.

The name may have been inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "DO".

Asteroids Eros and Psyche: Soul Love and Passion Part I

Kypria , poem sometimes attributed to Homer , which serves as an introduction to the Iliad. Character in Gerhardt Hauptmann 's play Der arme Heinrich. Wife of Italian astronomer Emilio Bianchi , the orbit computer.

Astrology: asteroid EURYDIKE (Eurydice)

Attic form of the Greek name Melissa , nymph changed into a bee and also an allusion to the discoverer's name, Melotte. Aaltje Noordewier—Reddingius — , a Dutch classical soprano. Fredegundis , an opera based on the life of Fredegund a. Pax , Roman goddess of peace.

Her Greek equivalent is Eirene. Main character in Friedrich Hebbel 's play Genoveva. Gorgon German: Gorgo one of the three sisters — Euryale , Stheno , and Medusa — who had hair made of living, venomous snakes and a gaze that could turn one to stone. Karl Lanz —; bio-de , a German mechanical engineer and industrialist who provided the funds for the re-establishment of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

The choice for this German feminine first name may have been inspired by the asteroid's provisional designation, containing the letters "HD". Main character in the play Gersuind by Gerhart Hauptmann. Lehigh University , US, where the computer J. Reynolds was. Joan struggled with multiple copping mechanisms and often had varying public images that never aligned with her ego or her emotional desires, but changed the platform for women in television and film with her demanding and passionate nature.

But she often struggled with connecting with her daughter and often was to focused on gaining the wrong attention and failing to realize what she sought all along was the love from her own daughter. She constantly disengaged emotionally and struggled with the more tender aspects of being a mother.

Very sensual and constant sex. Multiple yods can mean a life full of heavy duty to guide and lead the world in some way! Tends to be worse in water venus ex: drake. Tend to create their own destiny. Hope you like this guys!! This is a warning. It really is tiring and I know others want to leave too.

Asteroids have a subtle effect. The more you evolve, the more you feel their effect as a focused expression of your natal chart. The sacred day of Hekate is the 29th of every month. For astrological aspects, keep your aspects major: conjunction, square, opposition and your orbs right, within 1 degree. If Hekate touches Lilith, you must face your raw sexuality.

If Hekate touches Nessus, you must face your potential to abuse. If Hekate touches Eros, you must face your erotic side. Hekate reminds us that our greatest fear…is not our smallness but our greatness. This asteroid shows where our deepest self trust lies and can be developed. There is something here about the ability to control the forces of the nature — natural magic. The Dog Star Sirius which incidentally, is a fixed star in the constellation of Cancer , is also connected to Hekate.

As the brightest star in the sky, this association harks back to when Hekate was revered instead of reviled. In Greek mythology, Hekate was the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. She was the only child of the Titans Perses and Asteria, from whom she received her power over heaven, earth, and sea.

Three metamorphosis myths describe the origins of her animal familiars: the black she-dog and the polecat a mustelid house pet kept by the ancients to hunt vermin. The dog was the Trojan Queen Hekabe Hecuba who leapt into the sea after the fall of Troy and was transformed by the goddess. The polecat was either the witch Gale, turned as punishment for her incontinence, or Galinthias, midwife of Alkmene Alcmena , who was transformed by the enraged goddess Eileithyia but adopted by the sympathetic Hekate.

Hekate was usually depicted in Greek vase painting as a woman holding twin torches. In statuary, Hekate was often depicted in triple form as a goddess of crossroads x. She showed Demeter the way through the Underworld to Persephone. And so it is, the asteroid shows the way through your shadow and other places unknown.

Transit Planets

Hekate represents our shadow side. Hekate was very levelheaded, practical and reliable, and not blind in the slightest. Her representing the crossroads is majorly important. It adds an ambiguous element to her nature - not unlike a 12th house vibe. And yet the crossroads is a place of enormous power reserve in witchcraft. The sign Hekate is in determines what what we need to do to discern our direction in life; the natal house Hekate occupies can show where we go to find those parts of ourselves that were lost. Aspects to Hekate in a general relationship are as follows:.

Hekate in Aries: is asking for notice and asking to speak to us. She is telling us she, not usually included in the more commonly known pantheon of goddesses, has been neglected for far too long. Hekate in Taurus: it is a time to allow ourselves to experience the pleasures each of the five senses has to offer us, as we partake of the garden of life.

Letting ourselves feel secure enough to make the right decision Hekate in Gemini: tends to seek out and devour massive amounts of information about magic, witchcraft, astrology and other esoteric arts. Is also very likely to be a skilled communicator on such subjects. Our light is bright and we may attract may enemies because of this.

Hekate in Cancer: represents the madness that ensues when we try to ignore our instinctual and emotional responses. Needs to use more moon guidance in our discernment of the pathway, or perhaps we need to go emotionally on decisions and let the thought process be stilled, and use intuition more. Hekate in Leo: represents the petulance and dissatisfaction that manifests when we try to ignore what makes us special.

We need to trust our own gut instincts even if it seems egotistical to do so. We need to allow ourselves to make that intuitive leap in our daily lives, as well as making a daily effort to guide and protect those who need it. Hekate in Libra: our direction is found in social activities, in the expression of our intellectual and artistic endeavours. We rely on the companionship of others especially our significant other to help guide us through life.

That is the only way we can dig out the truth so that we can provide direction to others. Hekate in Sagittarius: we need to go elsewhere to find our direction in life; perhaps our guidance is found in religion or philosophy. Other countries and cultures help provide a clearer direction for us in this placement. Hekate in Capricorn: direction is found through hard work and dedication; by using our innate maturity and wisdom, we can help to guide others on their path.