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The astrological symbol for Chiron is the key. The key to our desires exists within us — everything we need, all the tools we need, already exist within us. We only need to use our inherent power to open the right doors — to look within the light, the dark, and the wounded parts of our being to expose and mend what needs to be healed. Be the key. Expand your consciousness and open the door to the unknown. It was what set him free in the end. People who have deep wounds and have found the gift within their wounds are able to heal others.

Embrace your inner Chiron and open your heart to others. Help wherever you can, whenever you can. This will heal your spirit and soothe those wounds that have left scars. Sometimes the wounds we obtain are not of this life, but the remnants of our ancestors or past lifetimes. Do you feel like you have a karmic debt? The simplest way is to close your eyes in a safe, sacred space, and allow your mind to take you on a journey.

Imagine a hallway, leading to a door. Where are you? What does the ground look like? What does the door look like? What happens when you go inside? Seeing, understanding, and releasing the wounds that followed you into this life will help you acknowledge and mend the broken pieces of your spirit and grow from it. However you feel called to journey, be open, and be safe.

To embrace the Chiron within you is to embrace your humanity in all its vulnerability. Japanese wabi-sabi is a worldview that sees perfection in the imperfection , and imperfection as a kind of beauty. You have no idea how much power is in these actions. To find the medicine in your wound, heal yourself through courage, love, and acceptance, and help others to do the same.

Are you ready to manifest your deepest desires? Are you ready to transform into your best self, completely healed and happy?

by David Coleman

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Imagine, for a moment, streets flooding with vibrant, painted faces, transformed into unique skulls, with colorful patterns, flowers, and jewels…. Even here in sunny Southern California, we feel the autumn changes in the air, and that means Shadow Season for….

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There is something entrancing and mystical about a flame dancing and flickering, moving and swaying with the unseen currents in…. Thus, you can feel very threatened by the chaos presently occurring on Earth. You may feel intense insecurity.

Letting go of a structured environment is difficult as you see the changes taking place on our planet. It is important for you to understand that what you focus your attention on manifests in your life. Meanwhile, [you] will either be desperately seeking a means for real security or [you] will have [your] crab shell around [yourself] and be hiding. Involvement in natural healing techniques that bring forth the deepest of wounds and assist the patient in releasing that inner pain may interest you.

Taurus: Are You Secretly At War With Yourself?

This can be a very traumatic struggle, but well worth the effort. Study your 5 th house and the type of creative efforts indicated there.

You are developing personal empowerment through creativity—understanding that you are a co-creator with the Universe. You are naturally intuitive and need a strong sense of your egoic self in order to enter the higher vibrational world of the intuitive planes.

Horoscopes with Chiron in Taurus

In other words, you need to know who you truly are and to feel empowered to be your authentic Self. The creative process must be honored. As you can move beyond the egoic self, you can become a gift to our world through the high use of your will power and creativity.

CHIRON in 8th HOUSE in a Birth Chart (Astrology)

On the personality level, you may tend to compulsive and desire a firm structure within which to live and work. Men with CHIRON in Virgo may become workaholics, then engage in kinky sex off work; women may hold absolute power in the office, then fall apart at a party. Aging for those who remain on the personality level of maturity is characterized by increased crystallized behavior; whereas, aging for the more spiritually mature is transformative growth. Aging—while clinging to the old and outworn—can create physical conditions that involve crystallized energy, such as arthritis.

Resisting the Uranian energy of change represses your energy and causes it to manifest crystallized in form. Yours is the desire to create form , but not form that is destructive to your being. Virgo is the last of the personality development signs as it merges into the soul development signs, thus CHIRON, the bridge, is at home in Virgo.

You are developing and accepting the self-discipline required by Saturn the Dweller on the Threshold to Higher Consciousness and becoming attuned to the flexibility, rapid movement, and highly intuitive energy of Uranus. Yours can become a deep, intuitive knowing regarding perfect timing. Study the house in which your CHIRON is located to determine the way in which you are working to locate transformative energies on Earth. Virgo can be the essence of love of Earth-healing combined with joy in higher consciousness.

You tend to lean heavily on constant feedback to define yourself, even while you claim to be your own person. While operating on the personality level, your sense of self can be quite undeveloped and you will tend to crave a constant flow of new experiences as a result. As you mature spiritually, you come to know yourself well as a result of having so closely observed the responses of others toward you.

Aries: Are You Afraid Of Living Authentically?

Great artistic talent can be present. You may seem old for your years. They have a personal imperative to discover which side is correct, and a hatred of injustice—it must end NOW. Relating to others is your primary form of learning. Your healing can involve multiple karmic situations. You may feel that others cannot imagine how you feel inside, while you have soul memories of a time when this powerful energy was integrated into the society, such as during the Age of Taurus.

You will be either extraordinary in your personal evolution or you have not yet found a suitable avenue to express the growing power you feel within. On the personality level, you may try to express this Plutonian energy by seeking power and pleasure at the expense of others.

Yoga can be beneficial. It is important to note whether or not you are repressed. Do you recognize your own power? Are you aware of making progress in your spiritual evolution in regards to this house?

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  • This connection is blocked until the Higher Self is embodied. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is the home planet of the Ascended Masters. You are innately in tune with these teachers and guides. You may go on many quests for wisdom, but ultimately, you are discover that the bridge to wisdom is within you. You incarnated to be a prophet of the Age of Aquarius and teacher of the chirotic force—the wounded healer who heals by connecting with, forgiving, and releasing the inner pain. You are mystical in nature and on a search for your own Truth. Kundalini is extremely powerful energy and best left to its own divine unfolding and timing.

    As you work for and intend spiritual maturity, your kundalini energy will rise harmlessly within the appropriate timing for you as a unique human being. You may have trouble being open to any path other than your own. You tend to understand your path to the Higher Self as being in conjunction with your desire for power and success.

    Chiron in Taurus

    As a result, you invest your path to worldly success with spiritual significance, resulting in difficulty in hearing or seeing the ways of other people. Thus, you lose of the mirror or sight offered by feedback from others. Your most important lesson is learning to listen. Interestingly enough, Chiron's glyph looks just like a key, and if we take a moment to reflect on its overall significance, you'll notice it's Chiron that can ultimately unlock your greatest gift from the heavens.

    I guess nothing is coincidence after all, right? Now, depending where Chiron is located in your birth chart, can help you determine where your superpower lies, along with your biggest wound. However, we actually need to rise above our pain and feelings of inadequacy, before we can reap the benefits. During Chiron's transit through compassionate Pisces, we found healing via artistic channels such as music, poetry, and our imagination.

    The collective learned the true meaning of divinity, surrender, and universal love. Chiron in Aries, however, will challenge our personal identity, self-confidence, and general sense of self. This nine-year-long transit will help us tap into our individuality, so we can confidently move towards our personal mission. We all need to learn how to defend ourselves somehow, right? At the end of the day, we're all warriors, and we are in our right to be completely and authentically ourselves, no matter what.

    If there's anyone who knows how to stand up for themselves it's you, Aries. Although, what else is missing? Are you being true to your personal needs? What are you trying to portray? TBH, I'm not referring to a physical item. Instead, I'm wondering what you're hiding from yourself, and the rest of the world for that matter. Who knows you might finally stop going to war with yourself.